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Child care blues

July 13th, 2011 | Posted by Carey Fuller in Homelessness

Today I called around to see what kind of help is available for subsidized childcare. Getting a job is always preferrable to the meager cash TANF (welfare) would grant. Oh and for those of you who don’t know this, if you get TANF, there’s a five year limit that you can be on it. In this video I used the Boys & Girls Club fee schedule for the daycare they have at B.F. Day Elementary School where my youngest attended. So far, the Boys & Girls Club ratesĀ are the most reasonable. One more thing to remember…..not all daycare providers accept childcare subsidies….

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3 Responses

  • Keep up the search, resiliency is what our children learn from example and you are a star example. I’m following close and always care to know you and yours are doing well

  • Reine says:

    I was a homeless mom of 3 for over a year. I was a stay at home mom and had no work experience. I cannot tell you from my heart, what an angel you are for doing this and opening others eyes to what needs to change in the system. They want you to work, but the child care is impossible. I too had no one and had to wait forever to get care. Now I am working now but I must apply every 4 weeks to extend my childcare. When it lapses because they are swamped, Child care services from tanf, I have no care inbetween. I work for Headstart, they have a huge waiting list but are a huge help for parents who do get the kids in. Do not give up. It took me a year to get a home that took public assistance and am now working full time and got a education as I was working out of being homeless. With your drive, you shine! All my love and prayers are with you. NEVER give up!

  • jen says:

    Oh wow. This is scary. My parents have been helping me financially but they are out of state. I guess I should look around to see what childcare would cost and how long it would take to get childcare through the state if at all. I don’t even know what to say. I am just shocked and sickened. Prayers to you and your family. I hope this can help bring to light what is desperately needed: Childcare for interviews and immediate childcare when a parent has a job. What a mess our country is in. Hugs. (Very informative video.)

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