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Auburn testimonies…..

September 9th, 2011 | Posted by Carey Fuller in Police brutality | Racism

Inadvertently, I found out about what kind of city Auburn is by one simple act: I took the time to listen to homeless youth talk about how they were treated by police officers. One story led to another until I found myself in Auburn, walking around and talking to people willing to tell me what happened to them or what they’ve seen. At first, I listened to stories of  brutality and profiling. Then I heard about judges with questionable biases. Because of that, I decided to take a closer look at the city of Auburn.

The videos I will be posting are the results of letting people who live in Auburn just speak for themselves. As I drive around Auburn, you may see signs declaring that the city is building an inclusive society. What they should say is “We are building an inclusive community despite the racism.” I find it interesting that last year, Mayor Lewis saw no problem in letting a confederate flag march down the city’s streets as part of Auburn’s “Good Ol’ Days” celebration but then again, it could be argued as freedom of speech but I wonder what the people of color living in Auburn thought of that parade. Take a look at this year’s parade : http://www.pnwlocalnews.com/south_king/aub/community/127951023.html
Seems Auburn is in a hurry to show “diversity” in contrast to last year.

Then there’s the Auburn woman who worked at Chase Bank who had no problem exhibiting outright racism against an innocent man. Were there no other employees at that bank willing to question her behavior? Still not convinced? How about the story of Richard McCarter Jr., a fifteen year old African American boy shot dead in front of a McDonald’s restaurant after he had been stalked by police for two weeks, then claimed the boy was in a high speed car chase in a stolen car?

There are numerous stories about Auburn and I’ve posted the links here:

– Auburn’s Good Ol’ Days confederate flag parade



– Richard McCarter Jr


Surely the judges in Auburn can be trusted to try cases fairly and without bias in courts, right? Guess again:


Judge Burns’ reprimand

Judge Burn’s comments on a male battery case

– I included this link because it has links to Judge Ottinger’s reprimands


I included links regarding two judges in Auburn because of what homeless people and youth have been saying about the “justice” served to them whenever they happened to be in Auburn. Just an FYI to the reader, profiling doesn’t just happen to people of color, it happens to homeless people as well. I can’t in all honesty say that everything in Auburn is bad, after all, look at these two articles about diversity in Auburn:



Here’s the thing Auburn, diversity has been around a lot longer than you took to embrace it, you still have a long way to go. I figured that out by talking to your residents….


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  • Randall 'Randy' Jackson says:

    Bravo to you Nice Lady! Auburn was redeemed, maybe, on July 17th, 2012. That’s when the City Council members voted and over-ruled Burns and his departments to award the King County Sheriffs the contract to run the Court, the Police station and the Probation department. Burns heard no new cases from that day forward. He was out of the building by October 31st. Now that I have been before him more than 30 times for my only misdimeaner (sitting in my car intoxicated, in my backyard) on October 24th, 2009, I ask you if a person with major mental disabilities should have been entitled to a Mental Health Liason to help with these reasons the probation officer, Ed Whalen, concocted? Well, since Burns eliminated that position in the Auburn Court, I feel that I am entitled to the rumored $1,600 per day reimbursement for false imprisonment for at least three days from 06/06/12 to 06/06/12 and maybe the following 41 days I sat in Burn’s new jail – SCORE, waiting for a bed to go to ADATSA which total cost me almost $3000 dollars in lost Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, which I am still paying? Would you care to follow-up with theis story? You should because the County probation officers, are the nicest people I’ve met. The horrible sighns have been removed and the bathroom where thousand of UA pee tests were given has been permanently locked. I am soon to finally have my case closed and afraid to go near that court building. When I was originally arrested, I spent the night in the old jail and was hazed and hogtied to the point I went into hypertension and my bad heart caused the day shift to call two paramedics. Iwas released on a Sunday and driven in the paddywagon across the street to Auburn Regional Hospital. I would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions you may have as to what may be done to make me available for this rumored money. Thank you in advance for your help! Randy

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