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Mr. Kash N’ Karry

August 5th, 2014 | Posted by Carey Fuller in Homelessness

According to Mr. Neel Kashkari, he’ll do anything to bring attention to the plight of the poor. If you believe that, you’re mind-bogglingly naïve or a well-practiced liar. Mr. Kash N’Karry is committed alright, committed to bringing as much attention as he can to his campaign, not homeless people. He isn’t raising awareness as real homeless people and service providers to the homeless have already done that. 60 Minutes already did that as well as other news agencies so who does Mr. Kashkari think he’s fooling?

Where was Mr. Kash N’Karry’s concern while bailing out banks that helped push people into poverty? Yes, I’m sure Neel really is concerned about those of us who don’t have golden parachutes to cover our asses once the shit hits the fan. Every move Mr. Kashkari makes is a calculated one used to enhance his political career and prestige. If he really gave a damn about homeless people, where’s the proof before his publicity stunt? Let’s be real here, Neel isn’t the first to exploit the homeless or the issue of poverty with the hopes of gaining votes and campaign donations.

Not one publicity stunt has ended homelessness or the widening poverty trench the rest of us non-millionaires get to live with year after year in this country. The problem with being out of touch is that you don’t know just how much you’re out of touch until your antics backfire. Mr. Kash N’Karry is no acolyte when it comes to politics so it’s not a surprise that he had no problem posing as a homeless man with blaringly obvious unrealistic expectations of finding a job in a week. How many homeless people, many of whom do not have an address to list on a job application much less an id or professional references, can find decent jobs in a week when hundreds of others are applying for the same job that have basic requirements already in place to qualify for those jobs? How many homeless people has Mr. KashKari housed in his mansion or fed personally because you know, he cares so much for the plight of us lowly homeless folks?

Mr. Kashkari cares. Yeah, right!

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