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Open letter to PETA

September 20th, 2014 | Posted by Carey Fuller in Uncategorized

Tammy-Jo-BlantonHow dare you. What kind of organization has no moral conscience in using a woman’s horrific murder to push their agenda to feed jail inmates a vegan diet? Not only did you show incredibly bad judgment in making such a statement, it is nothing compared to the slap in the face you just gave to the family and friends of Tammy Jo Blanton. You lost all your credibility with me. Caring more about your pets than the lives of other human beings is unbalanced to me considering how much is spent on clothes and accessories for pets that could’ve housed a lot of needy families or fed them. Who the hell are you kidding in saying you think people will “understand” the point of your stupidity?

Ask Tammy Jo’s family if they “understand” how you jumped on her death like a parasite to use for publicity. How fucking dare you. Better yet, ask Tammy Jo how she feels now that she’s dead. Ask all the women who die at the hands of their partners how much they “understand”. Must be nice to be so privileged that you can look down your noses on someone else’s tragedy but as long as you get what you want out of it, it doesn’t matter, does it?

Tammy Jo was a person, a living breathing person who did not deserve to die the way she did. She was a daughter, friend and sister. Her smile lit up the room, just like her spirit. For you to disrespect her memory is unbelievably wrong. As far as I’m concerned, PETA will never have my respect again. I’ll be remembering her at a local memorial my friends set up for tomorrow and I hope everyone remembers PETA for being too insensitive to care.

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