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I write what I feel. My inspiration comes from everyday life and past experiences. I won’t pretend to be something I’m not. I am a single mother of two and proud of it. I lived out of a Minnie Winnebago for about 6 years and had to get a mini-van instead. While looking for “real work”, I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in health services administration. I stand by the causes I believe in regardless of the indifference around me. I may not tell you what you want to hear, but I will tell you what you need to listen to.

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  • Tom Baum says:

    Keep up the great writing, studying and mothering.. You’re making a better life for your kids, yourself and those around you! God Bless.

  • Ellie Ottey says:

    Carey! I lost the contact info you gave me at Project Homeless Connect in Tacoma and just found it this morning. Please contact me when you can so we can talk about housing. I really enjoyed meeting you and I have been heartsick at losing your info.

  • jon says:

    What does one say except you are truly exceptional. May good things come your way.


  • Sophie says:

    Did a newspaper make you a proposal to publish you and pay you for articles ? Did you apply for that ? Would you be ready to do that ?
    You’re a very talented writer !

    • invisibull says:

      Hi Sophie, thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Not sure what exactly you mean by “applying for” when it comes to a newspaper. I haven’t been contacted by any if that’s what you mean. I do go on radio shows from time to time and am considering speaking at places I was invited to. I have written for places like change.org and blogher.com but continue to look for a living wage.

      In the meantime, I have to make my own opportunities and so far the best way to do that is to write…..:)

  • Kerri says:

    Not only do you inspire the homeless, but you are an inspiration to single mothers.
    Just before the economy collapsed and housing rates were sky high; I had just given birth to twins and had been evicted from my apartment because of occupancy, like two newborns cramped my landlord’s style.
    My teenager, twins and I, squatted in my apartment with what I could fit in my Jetta when the Sheriffs came to uphold the eviction, a pack and play for the twins, two sleeping bags, a microwave, an air conditioner, a suitcase and a laundry basket.
    I wasn’t eligible for public assistance since I made to much money, but yet it wasn’t enough to cover the expenses of twins without child support. I had gotten approval from section 8, and they were subsidizing my rent, but I couldn’t find a new place within their parameters. Also, once I lost possession of my apartment, I would lose the Section 8.
    As a tax paying, law abiding constituent, I made lots of phone calls and lots of noise, during an election year, to congressmen, assemblymen, and even to my then Senator, Hillary Clinton, but it became very clear, very quickly, that I fell through the cracks.
    So I had to make a new plan, when the time came we would go to an efficiency motel and I would lose my housing subsidy.
    Fortunately, I never had to implement that plan. In the 11th hour and 50th minute I found a place in another county, but fortunately still in the eldest’s school district.
    Going through all of that was bad enough; I can’t imagine having my health give out on me too.
    In reading your story and some of your blogs, I regret to say that I have become complacent. I don’t even marginally do what I can to help those in a position that I so narrowly escaped myself. So from one single working mom to another, I want to thank you for sharing your story and giving me, what surmounts to, a smack upside my head. And, once I can get my hands on your published work (other than kindle can’t afford one lol) I will.

    • invisibull says:

      Hello Kerri, thank you for taking the time to read what I write. Just wanted you to know that you don’t have to have a Kindle to download the eBook. You can get the Kindle application on your computer for free on the website. Then you can just read it on your computer. I am glad to hear from a single mother like yourself and I would love hearing from more. I think though, for many that is difficult when they are “caught up in the caught ups” if you know what I mean.

      Thank you for sharing your story here and if you know of any other single mom’s out there struggling, tell them I said hello! Maybe I’ll get to hear their stories too!

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